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AngularJS is a framework based on JavaScript. It is an open-source framework designed and maintained by Google to create dynamic web pages. AngularJS is a complete solution to develop a front end application without any dependency.

It helps in accomplishing really powerful things in the easiest possible ways. AngularJS is a new and powerful client-side technology which extends HTML Attributes with directives and binds data to HTML with Expressions.    

AngularJS Custom Development Services in Dublin

We at Fortune Innovations Dublin provide custom web applications development services using AngularJS.  It simply opened up new gates for improving web performances.

Features of AngularJS:

  • Faster application development: AngularJS works on MVC architecture, which ensures faster development, testing and maintenance of applications. It takes less effort to develop great applications with AngularJS.
  • Efficient Framework: This framework is very efficient for creating Rich Internet based Applications (RIA). It also provides capabilities to create clean single page Applications which are easy to maintain.
  • Open Source: Being an Open Source, AngularJS is completely free.
  • Cross-browser compliant: Being a JavaScript based framework AngularJS automatically handles JS code for each browsers and makes application super cross-browser compliant.
  • Reusable components: Developers can use shortcode in AngularJS to achieve more functionality. It has reusable components as well. 
  • User Experience: AngularJS provide two-way data binding capability to HTML, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Filters: AngularJS has lots of built-in filters and developers can create their own custom filters as well. Few filters are Currency, Date, Orderby, Lowercase, Uppercase etc.
  • Modules: By using AngularJS developers can divide web applications in modules. Modules are smaller in sizes and reusable. These functional components can be used with other applications as well.  Each module has a unique name and it can be dependent on other modules.
  • Unit testing ready: Doing unit testing is really easy in AngularJS. Following best practices of testing one can ensure best quality of software.
  • Support: Being an open-source, AngularJS has better professional support available.


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