How Safe It is to Use WordPress for Your Websites?

People often mistake WordPress as just a blogging platform. Though it was true a few years back, WordPress is a lot more than just a blogging platform now. It has evolved to become an adaptable content management system. Even now you can use WordPress to create a simple blog. Along with that, the platform also allows you to build fully functional websites and mobile apps.

In spite of having all the amazing features, people are still concerned about the security of their websites while using WordPress. Of course, security is the most significant thing to be considered while building a website because there are some chances of your website being exploited by some hackers leaving your site in trouble. This security concern has raised a question on the safety of using WordPress platform.

WordPress sites are being attacked because of the following reasons:

WordPress is extensively popular

  • According to a recent research, Almost 22.5% of all the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Many top brands are using WordPress because of the robust features provided by the platform.
  • Because of its huge popularity, it has become a juicy target for most of the attackers. We have been hearing a lot about WordPress because it’s really huge.

WordPress is an open environment

  • One more reason for WordPress being a hot choice for hackers is that it’s an open environment. The platform consists of three main elements; they are the core code, plugins and themes. While the core code is maintained by a group of volunteers, plugins and themes are built by a few great developers.
  • But it has to be noted that the plugins and themes are available from other sources as well. Few unethical hackers who get their hands on themes fix malware in them and give them to people which become the real threat.

Managing the website

  • WordPress can be a safe environment if it is managed correctly. Open source developers are normally very assiduous and they patch the code as soon as the vulnerability is found. The issue occurs when your site is not updated to the new version.
  • You can also make use of managed hosting service that keeps checking the site for malware constantly. It also checks whether the code running on the site needs to be updated.

So can you trust WordPress? Of course, yes! We can trust WordPress but with certain conditions. Here are the conditions:

  • You can trust WordPress if you either hire someone to manage your site or use the hosted service.
  • You can go with WordPress if you keep your site updated all the time. You can make it easier by investing on managed hosting or maintenance service.

But if you try to cheat the game by downloading a few commercial plugins from off-brand sites, you will get hacked and you will deliver malware to your site’s visitors also.

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