4 Essential Marketing Tips Relevant to iPad App Development

2 August 2012

Dublin : It is not enough to develop an iPad app, you must market it equally well to reap in maximum benefits. But it does not mean that you need to shell out truckloads of money for this purpose. There are some relatively simple ways, by which you can market your apps without even spending a penny. Let us take a look at four essential marketing tips for the iPad apps that you develop.

Select an appropriate name for your app

At the time of brainstorming for your app, you must come up with a suitable name for your app. When I say suitable, I mean that the name must connect with your end-users; after all, they are the ones who will be searching for your apps. They must find that the name of the app something, which they can all relate to; moreover, it increases the 'Brand Recall value' of your app.

Focus on the Icon and description of your app

After you have developed your app, you must design a remarkable icon for it. You must do this with a fresh mind, giving it your full attention because in the end, it is the icon, which will represent your app on the App Store. Sample this - the users will simply browse through millions of apps, but if they come across a striking icon, there are chances that they will stop by and go through your app.

Thus, make your icons classy and neat. For this, you can do away with the 'Default Gloss' option and experiment with your icon's look. Thus, users will be able to differentiate your app from other apps on the App Store just by seeing your icon.

Also, the description accompanying the app plays an important role. It must be informative and to the point. Write such a description for your app, that even if the users check out the very first line of the description, they will get a clear idea about your app and would want to check it out.

Choose Relevant screenshot and videos

When your app gets uploaded on the iTunes Store, you may need to provide the screenshots and videos that are relevant to it. For this, you cannot select any random screenshots or videos and upload them just for the sake of uploading something; you must only use those screenshots or videos, which highlight your app's features and functionalities to your users at one go.

Many a times, it so happens that people do not have time for reading the description and they directly browse through the screenshots or watch the video to get a better idea regarding the app. Thus, it is essential that the screenshots and videos must portray the USP of your app well, so that the users can take a decision in your favor.

Create a pre-release buzz

Before releasing your app for the public, you must create a pre-release hype for your app. You can do this in multiple ways such as blogging about the app, submitting press releases about it, giving it for review, releasing a demo of the app on various sites, using social media etc. These methods of pre-sales promotion are tried and tested by many developers. You too can take the help of them to spread the word about your app and increase the chance of your app showing up in various searches.

Follow the above mentioned marketing strategies in order to earn maximum profits from your iPad apps. In addition to these, you can also find out some other marketing methods on different sites and use them to promote your app well.

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