5 Marvellous Email Apps for Android Mobile Devices

6 February 2015

Dublin: Email is an oldest form of Internet communication which is still being used. Earlier the email system was different; it required the sender and the recipient to be online at a time. But now, the system has evolved a lot; i.e. the usage and processing has changed. The email system is based on the store-and-forward model. Servers accept, send, deliver, and store the mails. There are lots of applications for accessing emails.

Below mentioned are a few best Android apps for accessing emails.

  1. AOSP Email: ASOP Email is a classic mailing app which has been there since the beginning days of Android. The app has been updated and redesigned several times as it’s there since many years.  It supports most of the popular email clients and has an easy-to-use design. One thing is that the app is very basic; if you want a feature rich application, ASOP Email is not an ideal one for you.
  2. Aqua Mail: Aqua Mail is an amazing email application with much power and a lot of peripheral features. It enables you to exchange and IMAP accounts along with the integration of OAUTH2 for Gmail and Office 365. The app also supports Tasker and light flow with several other apps. It has a simple material design which makes it look fresh. Pro version of the app lets you set more than two email accounts and also to remove promo signature from outgoing mails.
  3. Blue Mail: Blue Mail is another simple yet graceful application which supports tons of email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, iCloud and others. The app comes with a simple user interface almost similar to ASOP email app with some tweaks. Along with the normal features, you can do a lot more things on Blue Mail; like you can set quiet hours when you don’t want to receive any notifications, you can set timer for the mails to be sent and can also lock up your personal emails. 
  4. CloudMagic: CloudMagic is an app that arrived a bit recently when compared to other apps in the list. The app comes with some elements of material design which makes you feel different with the interface. It supports all the standard features and several accounts from different email providers. The most unique feature of the app is that it’s integrated with several tools like Asana, Todoist, Pocket, Mailchimp and others which let you access mails more fluidly. 
  5. Gmail: Gmail is the most commonly used application to access Google email on mobile devices. It’s designed according to the latest Google standards and has as extraordinary user interface. The app provides a stable experience as it is frequently updated and evolved. Recent updates support multiple accounts and Lollipop optimization. So the users who have Gmail account synchronized with their mobile device would not need anything more than this.

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