Device Manufacturers Can Now Install Apps on Your Android Phones Even After Sale

8 December 2014

Dublin: If you are already miserable about the carrier bloatware that comes preinstalled on your device, this news might annoy you still more. A new service which is yet to be implemented on Android allows your device manufacturers to install apps on the device any time without even having your permission.

A product known as “Ignite” developed by Digital Turbine, reports its service as a method for carriers to increase their ad revenue through the installation of apps. Ignite allows manufacturers to ship their devices quickly as they don’t have to wait for the authorization / development of apps before release; they can just load those apps on your device later even after the sale.

Carrier bloatware annoys users:

Carrier bloatware (apps which come preinstalled with the device) is a snag for many people as it takes up the storage space on your device. It can’t even be uninstalled, and hardly offers something worth to the end-user. You have to root your device to uninstall such pre-installed applications and this often voids the warranty of your device. So, this is utterly an impractical solution. The company already includes Verizon and T-Mobile, so probably these carriers could begin post-loading of applications after some timein the future.

Bloatware displeases several users because it is often irrelevant to the usage habits. With the capability of post-loading the apps, manufacturers will now be able to load more software and content to devices which automatically increases their revenue from advertising and partnership deals. Content publishers and app developers are availing the benefits of this practice as they will also be able to hold large install bases. Butthe question is, will the installed apps be used by users?

This is certainly not a good practice. Installing apps without even having the permission of users and also not allowing them to uninstall thoseapps is like you’re not intent to put users first. Install bases that comprise the scores of inactive users are senseless. Instead, the carriers can allow users to uninstall the apps and acquire feedback or the reasons for uninstalling it.This might help developers to understand their mistakes and reasons for people not being curious about their apps.

By doing this you will actually improve your offerings to the users. Also, you can try to adapt to the user feedback and make changes on your app. This keeps users engaged and more focused on your app.

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