How Mobile Applications Can Facilitate Shopping?

16 July 2015

Dublin: These days, the supermarket industry has grown up so much that there are number of mobile applications to help shoppers on the go. Just a year ago, we had only a handful of apps that helped customers with shopping but now there are plenty of apps with lots to come. On the whole, these applications are progressing in a way that they can definitely transform the way the customers interact with grocery stores.

Below mentioned are a few areas where the consumers are using such applications:

  1. Discount aggregators: These apps spy over the retail sites and accumulate if there are any promotional offers while helping the customers to find the best deal out there. Coupon Sherpa, KleverShop, Grocery Pal and Jingit are a few examples of such kind of apps.
  2. Informational: Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important to the shoppers today as they can avail the information of any new products, availability of locally produced items and organics. For instance, Farmstand is an app that helps the consumers to find locally raised products. These kinds of apps normally attract content-oriented consumers; i.e. the people who seek for information about the products they are going to purchase.
  3. Shopping lists: This is probably most traditional way being used by the consumers. This category allows shoppers to create a digital list of the things to be shopped before going to the grocery store. GroceryPal is somewhat similar kind of application that scans recipes and assembles corresponding item list.
  4. Front-end pay: This is a very recent development in the field of mobile apps where the checkout and payment process were made easier for clear benefits of the consumers. PowaTag is one such application using which the customers can carry out personalized transactions through use of adapted QR codes on their smartphones. Apple Pay is the most familiar application of this category and is rolling out nationally. Lots of similar apps have been launched by independent supermarkets across the country.

So, with a huge demand for mobile applications in the marketplace, they are becoming multifaceted and are offering various features to enrich the shopping experience of the consumer. Bright Aisle is one such application which is developed for the consumers to create shopping lists, search for coupons, to build recipes or to sign up for email offers. So there is no doubt that the line-up of grocery related apps is certain to expand. Hence the application platforms are capable of altering the shopping experience of the customers.

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