ID – The First Mobile Operator to Offer ‘Build-Your-Own-Plan’ Option

8 October 2015

Dublin: Recently, a new mobile network called iD was launched in Ireland and it has turned out to be the first operator to offer ‘build your own plan’ option along with the flexible contract length. The operator entered the market as the only network to provide customers the flexibility and control over their monthly bill. On selecting a new phone, the users can decide on how much they want to pay for the upfront (it starts from €0 upfront payment). Later, they can split the balance over 12, 18 or 24 months.

Build Your Own Plan!

Yes, it seems strange, the customers using iD can now build their own plans; they can choose from 100 to 5000 texts, 100 to 5000 minutes and also 125MB – 20GB internet data. As already told, iD has become the first mobile operator to allow customers to change their plan by increasing and decreasing the allowances as and when they need. If you are an iD customer and you know that you are not going to make more calls but send text messages in the coming month, you can build your own plan by increasing your allowance for messages and decreasing the call allowance for the month.

The operator for your convenience

According to Hamish White, the General Manager at iD, the operator is all about individuality. He also says that, one mobile plan cannot satisfy each and every user. So, the company decided to come up with completely personalized experience where they can have the full control over their monthly bill. The customers can choose their plan and they can also alter it as and when they need. One good thing in iD is that the plans are completely transparent; it gives the customers just what they need.

Will the network score well?

The network seems to be a boon for those who need huge amount of data, but it’s probably not the best deal if you need fair amount of calls, texts as well as data. For instance, iD offers basic calls and texts along with 20 GB of data for €19.50 per month; of course it’s cheaper than any other operator, but 3 Ireland offers 15 GB of 4G data along with more calls and texts for €20 per month.

It seems like the operator is investing quite heavily when it comes to its set-up element. It has set up a service centre for customers in Waterford with over 50 people to assist customers with their issues. It’s been said that the company is investing approximately about €30m in launching the operation. However Ireland is not the only country to with iD mobile operator; a sister network was launched a couple of months ago in UK.

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