Splendid Apps to Enhance Your Productivity at Work!

9 March 2015

Dublin: Though we show our rage at our phones and computers sometimes, we need to accept the fact that the technology is remarkable. It changes the way we work by making it easier, faster and cheaper than ever. There are several ways to harness one’s productivity at work; smartphone is one of the best ways that help you in enhancing the productivity. All that you have to do is, just download the apps listed below and you’ll start finding a boost up in your work. These apps definitely help you in getting out of the stress in your busy jobs.

Here is the list of apps that make your work easier:

  1. Evernote: Noting down the tasks to be done is really a good thing to be efficient at your work. Evernote is an amazing app which lets you do it in several ways. Using this app, you can not only make notes, but also can save images, web pages or any other files that are important for your work. You can also sync your notes across different platforms and thereby extending the memory. 
  2. Wunderlist: Being organized in work makes a lot of sense in increasing the efficiency and productivity. Wunderlist is an app that lets you stay organized by allowing you to make lists. Not only lists, you can also keep reminders for any events; so that you can plan your work according to your schedule. 
  3. Genius Scan: It is a pocket scanner that walks along with you. The app lets you scan the documents and also lets you enhance the scanned copies for more clarity. You can save those scanned copies in documents or folders. Genius Scan also lets you share the scans as images (.jpeg or .pdf) via email, Dropbox or Bluetooth.
  4. Glassboard: Glassboard is a kind of social networking device using which you can share anything within a small segment of people (e.g. colleagues). You can use Glassboard for sharing any small documents, notes, photos and videos instead of sending them through mails.  
  5. Asana: Asana would be the easiest way to assign tasks to your team members. You can just share the to-do-list to your teammates instead of emailing about their tasks for the day. The list can also be edited by anyone in real time (for updating). 
  6. Adobe Edge Effect: Adobe Edge Effect is normally used by web designers to add some effects and make some changes on their design. The app has a friendly user friendly interface and works across several platforms.
  7. Mint: Mint is an efficient way to keep an eye on your financial status. The app does some cool things like automatically making budget according to your life style. It also advices you on the goals to be accomplished with the money you have.   
  8. LogMeIn: Though it’s a paid app, just go for it if you can afford; it just makes your life much simpler when you don’t have time to go to desktop and access files. You can do it with your smartphone through this app.

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