Top 6 Apps for Business Travelers

11 November 2014

Dublin: Suitable planning makes all the difference between a hasty, hectic trip and a soothing, trouble-free vacation. Fortunately, the introduction of mobile internet, tablets, and smartphones gives users a lot of apps to assist whether you are working out a vacation or planning a business trip. Right from trip planners and route generators, to online marketplaces for lodging and establishments, crowd-sourced assess and over, there is no scarcity of apps to make sure your trip is effortless.

Below are an assortment of apps we consider could be of great use to travelers.

1. Hipmunk

Hipmunk takes the pain out of searching for a flight and hotel. It is the new gold standard in hotel and flight searches, owing to its unique sorting skill. You can look for flights by class of service and access your query history, and results emerge in a highly readable, color-coded chart. View by price of flight, duration and airline options, or just select “Agony”, to obtain the lowdown on the trip with the slightest travail where the blend of duration, price and number of stops is computed. Hipmunk’s hotel search engine is even improved, mainly if your requirements are neighbourhood-definite. The application will position neighbourhood “heatmaps” onto your search outcomes, enabling you to select by meeting sites, shopping areas and restaurants. If neighbourhood is not considered, you can arrange by kid-friendly, business, romantic and luxury. There’s an online edition besides the mobile app.

2. Routehappy

Travelers who are not lucky to join in the comfort of business class have to look for themselves when hunting for the optimum flight alternatives. That’s where role of Routehappy starts: like a combination of Kayank and Seatguru, it gives a happiness score for proposed travel plans depending on a range if sources and considerations: plane entertainment options, age, Wi-Fi, travel time, seating, food and mainly ratings from the travelers.

3. Boingo

Gone are the days of free Wi-Fi all over, and alarmingly, even first-rate hotels frequently charge for wireless access. But as international data roaming is exorbitantly priced, it’s the perfect solution if you need to bond. Boingo has a worldwide network of over a million Wi-Fi hotspots across airports but also metropolitan areas of chief cities. You can easily locate a hotspot close by and unite or administer your account. For some, access to hotspots may be free, but there is an array of plans beginning at $5 each month that enable infinite access across the world, sans insane roaming cost.

4. Expensify

Keeping trail of acknowledgement on the move may be tiresome, but fortunately updates the course in a few manners: you can click photos of acknowledgement and then directly catalog them, or routinely import credit card line items.

There are time and distance options in addition to the ability to produce PDF reports that you email from right within the app and it works flawlessly with nearly all corporate accounting software.

5. MyCityWay

This is an inventive series of city guides that offers you the fast-and-dirty on 30-plus vital categories, together with public transit, dining, weather, pharmacies, local news and weather. There are smart urban soundbites, ideal for short visits to indefinite cities, not a substitute for language-driven editorial guides.

6. Pulse

As there is a lot of down time while travelling, reading apps, such as Pulse, keep you advanced on interests and news. Released in 2010, Pulse is an app for Android, iOS and HTML5. This app shows news from various RSS feeds in a single page employing a tile based interface.

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