Transform Your WordPress Site Into A Lead Generating Machine With Landing Page

11 July 2013

Dublin: For current businesses a website must be more than just a point of presence on the Internet. As more business moves online, organizations are finding that the majority of their leads come from their site. It makes good business sense to create sites with the purpose of maximizing lead collection and conversion rates from the start.

For a site to be efficient at generating leads it should direct visitors as quickly as possible to the point of conversion, providing adequate information and persuasive copy to induce potential leads to enter their contact details for later follow up by a sales team.

Landing pages are the best way to attain this goal. A landing page is the endpoint of a visitor’s journey on a website, somewhat similar to the traditional “Contact Page”, but specifically customized for a specific product or service, and is normally presented after the user has clicked a call-to-action, whether that’s on-site or off-site (a link in a search ad, for instance).

WordPress is the ideal platform for quickly deploying and testing landing pages. It is very flexible for adding content and pages as required, and those pages can be shaped to meet the requirements of a landing page.

There are two fundamental approaches a site owner can take to creating WordPress landing pages. They can design, deploy, and test those pages themselves, or they can employ a third-party service. We’re going to focus on the first option in this article, but we’ll also make mention of services that make the process of crafting the perfect landing page easier.

The Perfect WordPress Landing Page

From the viewpoint of WordPress, a landing page is a page like any other. The variation comes in the design and the content. There are 4 main features that WordPress users must employ when creating landing pages.

Simple and Persuasive Copy  

Landing pages are all about convincing potential leads to enter their details or make a buy. The copy on the page must be simple and focus on the real benefits to the lead. The potential lead must be able to see at a glance whether the product or service is apt for them. Needless verbiage and promotional waffle must be avoided; bullet points are perfect.

Images and Video

As advertisers have known for years, related and striking images are as vital to conversions and copy. If you can pay for a relevant short video on the page you get the best of both worlds. Videos are a very effectual conversion tool.


Landing pages are where the bulk of your on-site SEO effort must be focused. Landing pages must be cautiously optimized with keywords to draw the market segment that the page is targeting. Don’t over-optimize in an effort to attract the widest possible audience: the point of a landing page is to produce qualified leads that are useful to a sales team, not to draw as many people as possible. In addition, over-optimized pages that give a bad user experience are not going to perform well in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

Contact Forms

Contact forms are something that we all have on our sites, but it is something we don’t give much attention to. Everything on the landing page is anticipated to influence the visitor to enter their details in the contact form, so you will require a robust and configurable solution for form creation.

Plugins for Creating WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress SEO Plugin

While there are numerous SEO plugins available for WordPress, Joost De Valk’s plugin gives the best range of tools and the sanest defaults. The WordPress SEO Plugin will keep you on the strait and narrow when it comes to meta tags, keyword presence, and other factors that are necessary for optimizing your landing pages.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a top plugin but the range of features and flexibility that it gives blow the option out of the water when it comes to landing page creation. You can create multiple highly customizable forms, and, most prominently, it will combine with third party email marketing services like MailChimp, so you won’t have to store and manage your mailing lists inside WordPress.

WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages is a plugin that makes it simple to build effective and beautiful landing pages with minimal effort. It takes in a number of templates for ready-made landing page design, but you can also design your own. The plugin combines well with Gravity Forms, and with free contact form plugins like Contact Form. WordPress Landing Pages also includes split testing functionality, so you can run conversion rate optimization experiments to get the most effectual landing page designs.

Third-Party Landing Page Services

There are a lot of third party landing page services that will either integrate with your WordPress site so you can host the landing pages yourself or give hosting as part of the service.


Hubspot offers a complete inbound marketing and marketing automation service. It’s a top service and is far from inexpensive, but for some companies the expense is well worth the potential increase in leads and conversions. Among the services Hubspot offers is hosted landing pages. You might also want to take a look at Unbounce.


Formstack is a great service for generating and managing forms. It combines well with WordPress and with other cloud services, like PayPal for payment, MailChimp for email, and Salesforce for customer relationship management.


Optimizely is an A/B testing service that enables you to track and test many different variation on your landing page.

Whether you decide to go it alone and build your own landing pages or use a third part service, there’s no doubt that without landing pages optimized for search and conversion rates, your site won’t live up to its ability.  

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