Significant Changes Made on WordPress 4.2 After Tossing Its Release Candidate to Users

The popular most CMS, WordPress has released the latest version WordPress 4.2 just a few days back and is waiting for the review. Before launching the original version, WordPress had released the WordPress 4.2 Release Candidate to test if it has any major bugs to be fixed. WordPress had already written about the features of version 4.2 in all the 4 betas which were released. So the users have been curious to install and work on the new version of WordPress.

The release candidate is nothing but the version of a program which is almost ready for release but still may have some bugs in it. It’s certain that the first release candidate will have some bugs in it; but the second one is usually released to ensure that everything works fine. Likewise in WordPress 4.2, it has made more than 140 changes in a very shorter period of time.                         

WordPress wanted users to test the new version:

  1. If a program’s release candidate has been launched, we think that it’s almost done. But it’s not true; there are millions of users and thousands of plugins available. So there are chances that some or the other things will be missed. So, it wanted users to install the beta tester plugin or the release candidate and test if everything is working fine.
  2. WordPress wanted developers to test their themes and plugins against WordPress 4.2 and check if there are any compatibility issues or bugs.  So, if they find any bugs or any problems, they could post it to the support forum to get it rectified. As said above, WordPress had written about the features of WordPress 4.2 in its beta1, 2, 3 and beta 4 blog posts.
  3. Taking all the inputs from the users and developers, WordPress 4.2 has been completely revamped by adding the features that the users and developers asked for. So what are the features you can see in WordPress 4.2? What are the additions made?

Below is the brief description of the features and changes made on WordPress 4.2:

  1. After receiving the inputs form users, browsing and switching installed themes have been added to the customizer and this has made switching much more convenient than before. 
  2. The workflow of installing and updating the plugins has become more intuitive and now users will be able to install or update in-place from plugin screens.
  3. Many users were longing for emojis which were missing in the content toolbox. They need not worry about the emojis anymore as WordPress has added emoji support almost everywhere.

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